We love travel and fashion. We get a kick from tracking down handmade garments designed by generations-old couturiers. We like our clothes to have a story.
So much of the fashion world no longer operates that way. In the name of efficiency and consumption, the industry optimizes mindless reproduction through complex supply chains and underpaid workers. Through globalization and outsourcing, we lose the story of these garments. What we put on everyday has no meaning, no soul.
Our purpose is to re-connect clothing to story and culture. We travel the world to meet highly-skilled couturiers who are carrying out a cultural legacy in their designs. We bring their collections back to our home, NYC, to share quality garments with women of all backgrounds. Due to the scale of production and the time it takes to hand-make these pieces, each collection is limited-edition and unique. We look for modern silhouettes with traditional details and craftsmanship. We think couture fashion should be for everyone, so we keep the final cost down while fairly compensating our design partners for their skill and expertise.
Bynes New York invites you to join our movement to make the world a little smaller and kinder. Through conscious, high-quality fashion and traditional craftsmanship from around the globe, we seek connection to each other and
to the world.